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After visiting this blog… i really really want someone to send me postcards

how sweet <=] im such an old romantic.

Want more? Of course you do! Visit here:



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perfect beach weather. =]

i love going to the beach when its raining…


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I think im falling, free falling and i dont know where and how im going to land… if i do ever land. Would someone catch me?

Falling is movement due to gravity, but also has other uses not directly related to gravity.

Dreams of falling. The moment where you suddenly wake up with a jolt, just before you land. And you wonder how you were going to land. In some ways you feel relieved but there is a part of you where you hope you didnt wake up and see how it turned out. 

Falling can be scary, the feeling of the unknown and how its going to turn out. Its a thrill and at the same time its fucking scary. But all the andrenalin makes you forget it all and you suddenly want to do it again.

Its such a human thing. Falling in love? falling down? falling asleep? fear of falling? falling all over yourself. Falling. Its so human, its part of our being, it can describe so many things, that without it, we couldn’t be who we are or experience what we do.


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=[ tafe is tommorow.

back there for another seven weeks!

i dont want too! ><

Depp is a Mad Hatter

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Ive been hearing some whispers that Johnny Depp will be casted as Mad Hatter in Tim Burtons ALICE IN WONDERLAND. i cant think of anyone else who could do a better job! The movie will be released in 2010 but i already cannot wait! Tim Burton is genius =]


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i love sun showers…

I love rainbows even better.

When I Grow Up

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I was at McDonalds yesterday with a friend and they were playing channel v on the big plasma tv.

Suddenly the five year olds sitting a table opposite from us, jumped up and screamed “AHH the pussycat dolls!!!!” they ran to the tv and the little girls sang (well mumbled) the lyrics while they copied the pussycat dolls dance steps.

It was so scary. =/

My friend and I left Maccas, totally disturbed – we then spent the whole day in the libary looking at magic trick books and playing with blocks in the kid section.

I miss being a kid. Why is everyone else rushing to grow up?

..Someone give those kids a cabbage patch kid.