Okay so its official… cupid totally hates me. All my best friends are now in relationships. Every single one. And cupid has decided to cruelly leave me out.

These relationships are also in for the long haul. Two years. One year. Eight months. And the newly two week couple.

Okay before you paint an image of me as a jealous friend. Im not. Im completely happy for them, im happy they are happy. I want people to be happy! Nothing is wrong with it. Love is a truely beautiful thing.

But being an only child i can’t help but totally depend on the friends of mine. Completely. They are the closest thing to family i have. I want to still see them. More importantly i want them to want to see me.

Priority is getting to be a problem. This is an awkward stage where seeing long time friends suddenly clash with your smashing new boyfriend. And i cant help but sit and wonder when the priority of “i will never put him before my friends” gets lost and forgotten. When does it change?

I love them being in love. I just don’t want them to forget me. I miss them.



One Response to “BFFs”

  1. Your in love now.

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