Its nine o’ clock in the morning and im walking around with an antenna around my room, desperately trying to find reception so i can watch the ABC channel. Low angles, high angles, upside down, right side up, left, right, leaning on my book shelf and stabbing the antenna into my big dog stuffed toy in the eye.

Well clearly (or so not clearly in this circumstance) channel two reception clearly does not like me. I want to watch the ABC damn it. NOW! No i will not watch it in the living room!–

OH MY GOD! MY TELEVISION JUST SWITCHED OFF ON ITS OWN. *is paranoid* ON ITS OWN! IM FREAKED OUT! *checks powerpoints* *looks at tv* *looks again at the powerpoint* wow. that was scary *turns tv back on*

–Okay so back to my rant of having zilch reception on the ABC. this sucks and why does the ABC not work at all though the local community channel TVS, has perfect reception. I feel like im in the middle ages, who the hell has an antenna on top of their tv nowadays?

=/ Life isnt fair.


P.S – is reception even the right word with televisions? or does this word only apply to the internet and mobiles.


One Response to “Reception”

  1. What kind of antenna are you using?

    I got decent reception with a simple antenna made from beer can

    But unfortunately if there is no good signal – no antenna can help you.

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