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A message from the past.

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I have been surfing this website all day.

And quite frankly i am so excited about it!

The website is
It is basically a website where you can write an email to your future self (for up to thirty years into the future). The email will arrive in your inbox at your specified future date .

And also the public (but anonymous) letters is such a treat to read. It is fun reading random peoples messages to their future selves. I noticed most are scared their current self will be forgotten. Most remind their future selves things… and alot ask questions.

I just cant wait when i check my email in ten years time… Its going to be from a past me. =]


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i feel like everything is going in fast forward =/ even the slowest of songs feel like its sped up.
i wonder whats going on…

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i love when the sun settles in and makes all the clouds all pretty looking…


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okay so with boredom i usually feel like i need to do something with my room whether it is my walls or my bookshelf. this time my desk was attacked with a sudden decision. so what did i do? i got out my craft glue and all the pretty pieces of paper lying around and pasted it all over my desk. ill probably regret the sudden desicion later.. but right now im pretty happy with it. look how happy my typewriter looks now…


so christmas shopping has been tiring and i probably do not want to step into another shopping centre again for a while. but these cute mini muffins in gloria jeans made the whole christmas shopping process easier…


Edward Cullen

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kareena zerefos

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This artist is definately one of my favourites..

Kareena Zerefos is an extremely talented Sydney artist. Her work might seem familar she has designed very cool Sydney band Sparkadias Postcards cover and you might have catched her work at the Curvy exhibition.

She has a distinct style with her art and a style which i absolutely love. ..

I definately recommend you check out her very cute website


i heart you

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so i went to the finders keepers markets on friday it was at carriageworks. i got a lovely ring from the leeloo store, unfortunately im not sure of who made it, but check out ^__^