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Aliens are watching Cityrail

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A photo i took months ago when i was on the train home. It made me smile. I love finding random things like this.. 🙂



Awkward Things

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I have stumbled upon a boys blog named ‘Awkward Things I Say To Girls’ and I’m hooked… too bad i am hooked on to this blog when right now it seems to be dormant (last post was on June of last year). But it is definately still worth a look.Justin (the writer) is witty and a great writer.

So whats it about? His about me sums it up well…

“When the shattered remains of a once-promising conversation with the most recent cutest girl I’ve ever seen are strewn disasterously about the floor, I pick them up, scotch-tape them together the best that I can, and post them on this blog for your enjoyment.”

I am already acheing for the next installation of the HCE (Its not a date) story .. but i dont think i will ever find out what happens next i wish he finished it before he stopped! Talk about cliffhanger 😀

Visit his blog:

Too start from the beginning of the Its Not A Date story go here


The Temper Trap

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Melbournes own The Temper Trap is my new current obsession, their new single ‘Sweet Disposition’ is a song you might have heard already on the radio and such. Dougs voice is amazing! I got the chance to see these guys live last night when they were supporting Franz Ferdinand at the Enmore and it was clear that playing live music is where they thrived as a band. The bassist was awesome to watch, the whole band together even was so entertaining. I loved the drums as well! The Temper Trap sold me and though i only knew very few of their songs they completely caught my attention for their whole set. I know that 2009 will be massive for them, they are playing Laneway Festival, heading to texas, and playing the V Fest and the UK seem to love them.  I am definately going to make sure i see this band live again but till then i will be anticipating their debut album.

I suggest you check these guys out if you already havent yet done so…



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so right now i think the most coolest girl on the planet is Soko.

A french singer with a really sweet voice, pretty melodies and suprising lyrics. She is in Australia doing a few shows and festivals. A favourite of mine right now is “I will never love you more”. If you haven’t already heard of this girl, you should check her out.

Shes sweet crazy cool and are one of the very few of girls thats in the music industry that doesnt annoy me lol.