Awkward Things

I have stumbled upon a boys blog named ‘Awkward Things I Say To Girls’ and I’m hooked… too bad i am hooked on to this blog when right now it seems to be dormant (last post was on June of last year). But it is definately still worth a look.Justin (the writer) is witty and a great writer.

So whats it about? His about me sums it up well…

“When the shattered remains of a once-promising conversation with the most recent cutest girl I’ve ever seen are strewn disasterously about the floor, I pick them up, scotch-tape them together the best that I can, and post them on this blog for your enjoyment.”

I am already acheing for the next installation of the HCE (Its not a date) story .. but i dont think i will ever find out what happens next i wish he finished it before he stopped! Talk about cliffhanger 😀

Visit his blog:

Too start from the beginning of the Its Not A Date story go here



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