i hate it when i hear mothers get really angry at their children, at something they didnt intentionally mean to do. When they scream at the top of their lungs to their child who is like five years old, and the kid has no idea what they did wrong, so they start to cry. And the mother looks at the kid crying and gets more angry, and starts shouting at them to be stop crying or theyll hit them. And the child cries even harder. And everyone else just stares. I just hate it when hear and see these things. And i wonder how how their mothers turned to be so angry at their children, and i think when these mothers were young, they were probably thinking this very same thought, to never get super angry at their children, to never strike them and to be the best mother they can be. And i wonder what happens from that thought and ten years down the track, when they are screaming at their children at the grocery store. And i think they dont even know they turned out to be like what they always told themselves not to be when they were young. people live in denial.  




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