I could go on about the Olsen twins forever…

marykatenashley.jpg mary- kate and ashley olsen image by Emilykate_92

But today I wont. Ill behave and save your bandwidth =]

This has to be my favourite photo of Mary Kate, featured in Italian Vogue:

mary-kate-olsen-vogue-italia-02.jpg marykate olsen image by aley_marsh











😮 … ❤





5 Responses to “”

  1. ahh yes I could go on about them forever too, coincidentally I was just flicking through influence for the millionth time then.

    you have a wonderful blog!


    • zabetheli Says:

      i still need to get my hands on influence, i cant believe that book is not sitting on my bookshelf already.

  2. Muchy gal Says:

    Very nice… amazing how these gals have adapted their own style!
    Luv the blog gal!

    • zabetheli Says:

      aw your too sweet! thank you so much! i agree, they have created their own style and its tres lovely =]

  3. oh that first pic is my favourite! mk and ash look stunning. They just inspire me in so many ways, even if my style is different to them (although sometimes i feel myself veering to the row influenced looks that ash wears now). watching them change over the years is one of the oddest and most fascinating thing… I suppose we all change, but no-one has the papparazzi on their trail all the time… ok philosophical thoughts over.


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