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The Red Riders are awesome, they are from Sydney.. and i first saw them live when they supported The Wombats. Feel like youve seen the guy on the left before? Haha i did and yes its Brad from The Vines he plays lead guitar in this band. Anyway since im going to see them again tonight for a Save FBi gig at The Gaelic Theatre, i want to make a post right here. The song below “My Love is Stronger Than Your Love” is the first song that made me found out about these guys, enjoy šŸ™‚

RED RIDERS: My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love

This is a newer song of theirs, i love the music video..

Check them out on good old myspace



2 Responses to “replica replica”

  1. Heh, I’ve never seen them live but I know the drummer – nice bloke! Have fun tonight šŸ™‚


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