what if they need arms…

(Picture by Jenniholma) 

“…Well i thought of alot of things. But mostly I thought that your being sad was much more important to me than Craig not being your boyfriend anymore. And if it meant that i would never get to think of you that way, as long as you were happy, it was okay. That’s when i realised that I really loved you”

She sat down on the floor with me. She spoke quiet.

“Charlie, dont you get it? I cant feel that. Its sweet and everything, but its like your not even there sometimes. Its great that you can listen and be a shoulder to someone, but what about when someone doesnt need a shoulder. What if they need arms or something like that? You cant just sit there and put everybody’s lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just cant. You have to do things.”

“Like what?” I asked. My mouth was dry.

“I dont know. Like take their hands when the slow song comes up for a change. Or be the one who asks someone on a date. Or tell people what you need. Or what you want.”


– pg 214, The Perks of Being a Wallflower



2 Responses to “what if they need arms…”

  1. That is my favourite part of Wallflower 🙂


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