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Happiness over misery thanks.

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Theres a common thread between myself and my friends: the fields that we are studying and plan to pursue (music, art and media) is looked down by anyone that asks us what we are studying. They seem to have the mentality that if your not studying a course with a definate career to then follow is the only courses that are worth studying eg. medicine. everything else seems so wishy washy to them and for some reason annoys them.

“Shes studying art/music/media? haha goodluck with that. pft dream big.”

Well fuck you. Atleast she has the guts to pursue her passion rather than being stuck in an office job and transformed into a robot. Shes freaking good at what she does so why should she be stuck in the same misery you have in your office job?

Why is it that the courses that require some creativity a “bad” thing? Isnt it more important to be studying something they are genuinely interested in? And if they are good at what they do, well then why not? Not everyone wants that corner office with the million dollar view. Not everyone wants to be typing such a significant amount of time on a business proposal they seriously cant be fucked to care about. If your heart isnt in what you do, then why waste your time doing it? Isnt it true that if you actually have passion of what your doing then that you will do a good job of it?  

So yeah we might be studying some “risky” courses but atleast we arent going to be miserable career wise.


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dear universe

I want a bicycle and a pretty dress to ride around in Holland. Because i want to be cool like that.


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                                        i dont feel like talking to you ever.

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Yes it is the last day of Winter and tommorow is Spring. Yay hope has arrived change is coming. Its been a long time coming, it felt Winter went on for ages. And to put it quite frankly Winter was a pretty crap season for me despite the lovely coats, stockings, boots and hot beverages that come with the season I was left sulky, trying to keep warm and constantly tried to avoid the constant freezing gush of wind that comes along with the season. Im kind of over feeling like this every Winter.

Is it just me or does everyone seems so miserable and bored when Winter arrives?  It seems liek Autumn takes away the happiness and fun out of the air when it packs up and leaves for Winter to come.  I have come to realise that Winter is really not my season and hasnt been for the last few years. Though it would be easier to blame it on the cold, its not the weather (afterall i want to live in London). It is just how life works out for me it likes to be cruel to me at this time of the year and give the good times in the warmer months later to just take it away again.

This season i found myself in denial thinking things will happen only to be left feeling cheated and really foolish. I found myself doing stupid things i wouldnt have normally done and after all of the chaos i seemed to experience it seems like im back right in the beginning, everything is back of how it was and thats annoying. the whole chaos promised change but why do i find myself back to square one, back where i was?  

Damn you Winter and Spring dont you dare make me go through what Winter has done to me over and over again.

N2s: need to break this cycle

p.s: just realised that today is NOT the last day of Winter but tommorow is.  Looks liek the change for the better is going to be a very slow process.  FML =/

universe give me a lomo holga!

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dear universe,

i really really really really want a Lomo Holga.
lomo_diana.jpg image by pudgefudge
i want negatives and buy film instead of a memory card. i realise that the effects of what a lomo holga does can easily be done on photoshop with the regular overlay etc. fudge photoshop i want to do this the old school way. lomo holga ftw! i love how they look like toy cameras =D

ask the universe and the universe will provide right? >____< (haha good try)


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I hate “writers” block.



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today i have decided im not going to go in for uni today. i refuse to make myself more miserable today. i just refuse to live in misery. its not that i dont like what im studying. no i love it. and today the lecture is on photography.  but i feel like im going to to miserable if i go today for some reason and today all i want is to be happy.