“You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God’s sake!”

I have come to the realisation that life is too short for me to not actually participate in. In the past i have felt that i have been the person on the side watching my life go right by me instead of participating. And this has probably come from paranoia and fear of rejection of some sort or disappointment or simply not thinking im good enough to do it. But recently I have found myself doing things I would have never done before like finally talking to the boy i have been to shy to talk too. I have realised if i want something to happen in my life sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to happen isnt a good way to go by this. Some would say that things would happen if its ‘destined’ to do so. But I have to make my own destiny otherwise im going to continue being miserable and unsatisfied with my life. And if things dont happen or work out in my favour well atleast i feel like ive done the things i wanted instead of waiting for it to happen. This whole realisation may seem obvious to some and it seemed obvious to me in the past but i never found myself going through with it. Finding the courage to actually say and do what i really want to do, im challenging myself to do things i am scared but want to do.



One Response to ““You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God’s sake!””

  1. you go girl 😉

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