Happiness over misery thanks.


Theres a common thread between myself and my friends: the fields that we are studying and plan to pursue (music, art and media) is looked down by anyone that asks us what we are studying. They seem to have the mentality that if your not studying a course with a definate career to then follow is the only courses that are worth studying eg. medicine. everything else seems so wishy washy to them and for some reason annoys them.

“Shes studying art/music/media? haha goodluck with that. pft dream big.”

Well fuck you. Atleast she has the guts to pursue her passion rather than being stuck in an office job and transformed into a robot. Shes freaking good at what she does so why should she be stuck in the same misery you have in your office job?

Why is it that the courses that require some creativity a “bad” thing? Isnt it more important to be studying something they are genuinely interested in? And if they are good at what they do, well then why not? Not everyone wants that corner office with the million dollar view. Not everyone wants to be typing such a significant amount of time on a business proposal they seriously cant be fucked to care about. If your heart isnt in what you do, then why waste your time doing it? Isnt it true that if you actually have passion of what your doing then that you will do a good job of it?  

So yeah we might be studying some “risky” courses but atleast we arent going to be miserable career wise.

2 Responses to “Happiness over misery thanks.”

  1. Right ON!

    Those people are just cut because they are talented in nothing. So the only way of feeling better about themselves is making someone else seem inferior, but really – they’re living a lie.

    Bitter people who have failed their dreams usually critique others. 🙂

  2. I love the Dead Poets Society so.very.much.

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