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hello lazy wednesdays

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 im filling my day of doing nothing with The L Word, Pad Thai and looking at girls that know how to dress well- these three things are pretty addictive and really should have some warning label especially the Pad Thai >_> 


Watching the L Word so far – its actually really good. The best way i could describe it – its abit like Sex and the City just with lesbians and not in NY but LA. From what ive watched (and thats half of the first season)  it has interesting storylines but the characters is really what makes this show something. – my favourite being Shane (below). 


Today Sydney woke up to a red dusty filled sky a result of a huge dust storm and though it was uncomfortable breathing it in, it was pretty spectacular to look at…

A surfer heads for the water at Bondi Beach. (AAP: Tracey Nearmy)

Red haze envelopes Sydney Harbour Bridge. (User submitted: Amber Hooper)

images from here

I will now finish off Season 1 of theLword and the Sydney sky has now been cleared up and replaced with the normal blue and white. aw.



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The song that is dancing around in my head today:

Where did all the love go? – Kasabian

“Can’t see the signs of a real change a commin’
Take another sip from your hobo’s wine
Get yourself a million miles
From the concrete jungle

This is a time
Full of fear full of anger
A heroe’s exchange for a telephone line
Whatever happened to the youth of this generation?
But you still ain’t right

Where did all the love go?
I don’t know, I don’t know
I bet you can’t see it

It would be awesome to see these guys live >_<


blogging is just another word for procrastination.

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Dear Blog,

I am so incredibly lazy and im really hating myself for it. Right now my culture assessment is now going to be two days late and i have no i dea what the penalty is going to be for that, but im thinking its going to be pretty awful and i also have my industrial arts assessment left to do which is due tommorow. FML. Instead of doing these two assessments as fast as i can today because i had no exuses not too because of a strike happening at all the universitys in nsw (except sydney). I ended up watching another episode of Dr Phil and found myself on Facebook. Oh how i hate myself for procrastinating. The mid semester break couldnt come faster enough.

We’re just a million little god’s causin rain storms turnin’ every good thing to rust. I guess we’ll just have to adjust. 

This song has been on my mind for ages and its probably one of my favourite songs ever. The song im talking about is Wake Up by Arcade Fire. Where The Wild Things are have used the song in there movie trailer which i think fits quite perfectly. Anyway this song easily gets into your head and it probably wont ever leave. The “Ohhhs” are too damn contagious.


I also have to mention how incredibily excited i am to hear that The Pixies are going to come to Australia in March 2010 to celebrate their 20th anniversary of their album ‘Doolittle’. I always thought imissed the opportunity to see this amazing band live since they split up ages ago before i even knew who they were. For you guys out there unfamiliar with them, they are the band behind the song “Where is my mind” which was used as the closing song for Fight Club.  They are a great band, my favourites being “Hey”, “Where is my mind” and “This Monkeys Gone to Heaven”. Presale tickets for their Sydney show is already out.


Okay i actually really should start on the whole uni work right now eh. ahh crap.


a message from the past II

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From: (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Monday, 14 September 2009 12:31:42 AM
To: *********

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, December 23, 2008, and sent via
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear FutureMe,

Okay so i stumbled upon this site and thought it was cool. I want to remind you of some things im scared i will forget. And i want to remind you of things that im scared youll forget to do. I hope by now youve met an amazing boy.
**********************************************************************************************************. i wonder what the stage will be like when you read this.. if we are no longer talking chase him up see what hes doing. Joey would be doing his hsc. jeanice is mad at him because he dissed ********? remember ********? he was the boy jeanice was crazy over this year besides *******. he was ********… i wonder if jeanice and ******* will happen soon? i have a feeling it will… so ive finished a year of tafe… the future is unknown and thats scary. who knows what uni i end up going too. will it be unsw? macquarie? have you changed your mind about the media industry? are you going to do something more humanitarian like? i hopeyou have a job at the moment because seriously you need money. remember you want to travel to england with kate and kianie and meet gorgeous english boys and drink tea? right now i am pretty much young and naive and i hope the time you read this, this will change. i hope you have fallen in love. ******************************** crazy in love with a boy and enjoy being young and all. as you know i am currently miserable in the state of “love” life. elizabeth please take chances. as i know this is the only way youll really be happy. if you like or even love someone tell them. please dont watch life pass you by. i want you to live it. as cliche as this sounds. please stick with corso. i am pretty sure i will still be best friends please dont let this go. i hope you have learned another language by now.

take care. love elizabeth.
sheryl nicknamed me bottles yesterday.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

this letter has made me feel really wierd today. you dont get letters from your past often. i remember blogging about this when i wrote this letter in this post here



Dear PastMe,

I was totally not expecting your email today. At all. I totally forgot i sent this to myself. But it was a nice suprise. I havent forgotten any of that from last year, but it was a good reminder (i dont remember Joey dissing ****** though so thanks for reminding me. Im still pretty much in the same stage with *******. A whole acquaitance stage and fine ill go and see what he is doing soon for the sake of my PastMe. Joey is doing his HSC, he is in the middle of his trials and hes in a band and they are going well. Jeanice and ******* did not happen and i cant believe you were so sure that would have worked. As if. So glad that didnt. That would have been like her and ****** all over again. And we dont need repeated occurances here do we. You chose Macquarie, nearly UTS but you changed your mind at the last minute. And Media is fun but not sure if ill stick with this certain course im doing, yet alone the same uni so well see. might change next year. I completely forgotten about my whole humanitarian thing. I was so set on that. And with my whole current love life well i dont feel like writing it here. So i wont. I feel like im taking the chances the best i can, and im trying to live life the best i can. And yes of course im still sticking with Corso. And no I havent learnt a new language just abit more French.

Take care PastMe. Love Elizabeth

ps. Sheryl still on occasion calls me bottles and Rania still calls me Loizy and J still on occasion calls me Tash.

Ouch, I have lost myself again

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i miss cassie.

breathe me by sia.

i love this fan video heaps.


The Purple Rose of Cairo

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I love this ❤

Quirky Poster Fan.

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I’m pretty sure i’ve invented a time machine. all going according to plan i’ll materialise right here at 11.37am on friday. this is just a courtesy note to make sure you’re not standing in this spot at the time. thing might get quite messy if you are. also i won’t be arriving in a delorean be naked  or be a half man half fly. this isn’t the movies you know.


i found all about Craig via jesslovesfred it was so lovely i just had to blog it here!

Craig lives in Windsor – South of Melbourne, ( i think he does anyway) since he has plastered all of his quirky notes all around Windsor. There was rumours that this was all just for publicity for CraigsList. But soon it was found out that Craig stole this idea by a Todd an artist in NYC who signs off his posters using ‘Chris’. 

Oh well this idea is too awesome NOT to be imitated. I demand more of these posters now, more imitators!!! (preferrably in sydney so i can poke them and take a funny photo and if im bothered ill actually stand somewhere near to observe if anyone actually tries to meet poster dude at the meeting time stated).



my lame blogs layout is really restricting me and the images i wanted here, if you were able to read the above notes well wow you have super eyes =] but if you cant =[ and want to read them in a bigger form or if you want to read more of his quirky notes here they are