a message from the past II

From: FutureMe.org (mailer@futureme.org)
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Sent: Monday, 14 September 2009 12:31:42 AM
To: *********@hotmail.com

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, December 23, 2008, and sent via FutureMe.org
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Dear FutureMe,

Okay so i stumbled upon this site and thought it was cool. I want to remind you of some things im scared i will forget. And i want to remind you of things that im scared youll forget to do. I hope by now youve met an amazing boy.
**********************************************************************************************************. i wonder what the stage will be like when you read this.. if we are no longer talking chase him up see what hes doing. Joey would be doing his hsc. jeanice is mad at him because he dissed ********? remember ********? he was the boy jeanice was crazy over this year besides *******. he was ********… i wonder if jeanice and ******* will happen soon? i have a feeling it will… so ive finished a year of tafe… the future is unknown and thats scary. who knows what uni i end up going too. will it be unsw? macquarie? have you changed your mind about the media industry? are you going to do something more humanitarian like? i hopeyou have a job at the moment because seriously you need money. remember you want to travel to england with kate and kianie and meet gorgeous english boys and drink tea? right now i am pretty much young and naive and i hope the time you read this, this will change. i hope you have fallen in love. ******************************** crazy in love with a boy and enjoy being young and all. as you know i am currently miserable in the state of “love” life. elizabeth please take chances. as i know this is the only way youll really be happy. if you like or even love someone tell them. please dont watch life pass you by. i want you to live it. as cliche as this sounds. please stick with corso. i am pretty sure i will still be best friends please dont let this go. i hope you have learned another language by now.

take care. love elizabeth.
sheryl nicknamed me bottles yesterday.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

this letter has made me feel really wierd today. you dont get letters from your past often. i remember blogging about this when i wrote this letter in this post here



Dear PastMe,

I was totally not expecting your email today. At all. I totally forgot i sent this to myself. But it was a nice suprise. I havent forgotten any of that from last year, but it was a good reminder (i dont remember Joey dissing ****** though so thanks for reminding me. Im still pretty much in the same stage with *******. A whole acquaitance stage and fine ill go and see what he is doing soon for the sake of my PastMe. Joey is doing his HSC, he is in the middle of his trials and hes in a band and they are going well. Jeanice and ******* did not happen and i cant believe you were so sure that would have worked. As if. So glad that didnt. That would have been like her and ****** all over again. And we dont need repeated occurances here do we. You chose Macquarie, nearly UTS but you changed your mind at the last minute. And Media is fun but not sure if ill stick with this certain course im doing, yet alone the same uni so well see. might change next year. I completely forgotten about my whole humanitarian thing. I was so set on that. And with my whole current love life well i dont feel like writing it here. So i wont. I feel like im taking the chances the best i can, and im trying to live life the best i can. And yes of course im still sticking with Corso. And no I havent learnt a new language just abit more French.

Take care PastMe. Love Elizabeth

ps. Sheryl still on occasion calls me bottles and Rania still calls me Loizy and J still on occasion calls me Tash.


2 Responses to “a message from the past II”

  1. Tasha! Oh my God. This is so amazing. i think I can figure out the Asterix’s in relation to me. joey dissing…what? Confused. This is going to be like our time capsules – which i actually am scared to have read what I have wrote. I don’t think i think like that anymore.

    I’m proud to say your not naive anymore. And the love thing. Well that hasn’t worked out for any of us so that’s okay. I’m also glad that my thing with *****didn’t work out. haha. I think we’ll stick together no matter how many of these you write 🙂

    xxx love Corso

  2. Nothing about FS.. =[
    If I did one of those things, I would be extremely sad now if I received it.

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