hello lazy wednesdays

 im filling my day of doing nothing with The L Word, Pad Thai and looking at girls that know how to dress well- these three things are pretty addictive and really should have some warning label especially the Pad Thai >_> 


Watching the L Word so far – its actually really good. The best way i could describe it – its abit like Sex and the City just with lesbians and not in NY but LA. From what ive watched (and thats half of the first season)  it has interesting storylines but the characters is really what makes this show something. – my favourite being Shane (below). 


Today Sydney woke up to a red dusty filled sky a result of a huge dust storm and though it was uncomfortable breathing it in, it was pretty spectacular to look at…

A surfer heads for the water at Bondi Beach. (AAP: Tracey Nearmy)

Red haze envelopes Sydney Harbour Bridge. (User submitted: Amber Hooper)

images from here

I will now finish off Season 1 of theLword and the Sydney sky has now been cleared up and replaced with the normal blue and white. aw.



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