the familiar stranger.

my chemical romance. black skinny jeans. vans. high school musical. vanessa hudgens. msn messenger. myspace. bring me the horizon. oli sykes. the lake. the bridge. bats. the tway. yellow car. big fluffy dogs. helena. canada. the bus. parramatta. westfields. not talking on public transport. massive trees. skateboards. “the hood”. that emoticon. arguements. black ripped beanies. paddys markets. starbucks. black leather guitar cases. massive amps. new years eve. angels and airwaves. parkway drive. massages. japanese. italian. winter. star wars. macq centre. macq uni. lectures. tutorials. the food court. jb hi fi. chinese fried rice. new york. the ice skating rink. tinned salmon. dragon ball z. comic books. superman. “heads will roll” by the yeah yeah yeahs. batman. christina aguilera. facebook. culture. “unwell” by rob thomas. the gym. “oh shit”. tripping over. kangaroo meat. maury. musicals. the food court. trains. strathfield. burwood. nintendo. super mario. greenday. that freaking bus stop.



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