500 days of summer


SPOILER WARNING (because i suck and didnt put one before)



ive watched this movie twice in the cinemas in the last week and it has left me pretty angry at Summer both times. when i first watched it, i thought “Summer your a bitch, you totally led him on” and i thought that again the second time. How can this girl have this thing that isnt serious with some gorgeous boy that listens to The Smiths, Joy Division and The Clash? I would have more than happily taken her place! The thing i also dont understand that she meets another guy and goes off and marries him in a few short months. So shes gone from “i dont want a relationship, im young we live in one the greatest cities in the world, live life we can, save all the serious stuff for later. im not comfortable being anyones anything” to being married months after. Er, what? So this has left me thinking about Casual Relationships. I think they are stupid. I really do and no matter what i really do think out of most of them that exist out there, one person involved is hoping they can convince the other to make it something more. I dont liek them. In most instances it ends up hurting the other person involved. They arent my thing. Its either your in a relationship or your not. The thing in between is too much for me.

Dont get me wrong though. I loved this movie. Hence why ive watched it twice.



3 Responses to “500 days of summer”

  1. Hah, guess I don’t have to see this film anymore. Put a spoiler warning on next time? :p

  2. I don’t liek casual relationships either. That pic could so be of you. I swear she has your body exactly.

  3. zabetheli Says:

    wow im sorry r. i have totally forgotten that people actually read this blog.

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