“Can you just hold on for a second…

Im on my hamburger phone”


After watching Juno when it came out. I like most people wanted that hamburger phone. “OH MY GOD I WANT THAT! ITS A PHONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A HAMBURGER!!” I decided i wouldnt buy it since i probably only wanted it because it was in Juno and it was a fad that i would get over quickly. But two years pass and i still went into dangerfield to look at it so clearly i havent gotten over the novelty.

Yes im pretty easily amused and get excited with small things just as much as my best friend who found a ring that had a locket like thing “Oh my god! it opens!!!! ELIZABETH IT OPENS AND CLOSES HOW COOL IS THAT” she then asked Joey to go and buy it for her when asked why, she stared like it was obvious “Joey, it opens up. Duh i NEED it” (She has since then bought another one that opens up).

So i just finally bought the damn hamburger phone and my amusement with it hasnt worn off. I hope it doesnt for awhile.

xx (this is definately going into my random category)


One Response to ““Can you just hold on for a second…”

  1. I like your hamburger phone. i was going to get it for you for xmas if you didn’t eventually buy it. oh well.

    And yes. A ring that opens. As if that’s not cool?!


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