Neil Krug

I stumbled onto Neil Krugs work today (i stumble onto most things i find amazing). Looking at his photos i feel like im in one of those great american cowboy vs indian films, or woodstock in the 1960s, or amercian suburbia in the 1970s. Just lovely. Just looking at his work its kind of hard to realise that this was taken recently and not decades ago. I was looking at some of his work in Pulp  a psychedelic collaboration between him and supermodel Joni Harbeck and its just awesome, i love it, the photos remind of something i would find in a dusty collection of records in an old box in garage sale down my street. 

neil krug photographer photography





Look at his flickr for more.


2 Responses to “Neil Krug”

  1. stunning photography.
    i NEED to get my hands of pulp, I have been wanting it for toooo long.


  2. zabetheli Says:

    i would love to get my hands on it too! it looks awesome. *adds to a long list of books and magazines to get*

    thanks for stopping by too =]


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