intense song dancing around my head.

This song is in head right now.

I love this song heaps Clint Mansell is a genius! This song is titled ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and it is so incredibly intense and sad. Listening to this i always imagine my own movie trailer to this, a very dark tragedy. I wonder how cool it would be to watch this massive orchestra performing it live! Wow. 

I love songs that just really touches you instantly and this song does it for me. I love the slow build up and the gorgeous violins… im getting so carried away just talking about it.. so ill stop i know im rambling!

I guess this song is more intense for me because i have watched the movie Requiem for a Dream which is just so dark and one of the most intense movies i have ever watched. I think this song is just so perfect for it. Again my kudos to Clint Mansell. Brilliant work.


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