For what it’s worth.

I have come to the realisation that arguements with friends are usually not worth it at all keeping or yet alone starting.

But it does happen and sometimes it should happen, sometimes they are worth having – with the good should come the bad and i think that friendships should have a few arguements/disagreements to keep a healthy sustaining friendship.

But in most cases they are not worth keeping too long and the reason most of these last so long all usually comes down to pride and stubborness.

Sometimes you have to lose though you may not want too at all. Even though you make think your right, really think about it. Losing or backing down out of the arguement is so much more worthwhile than keeping your self righteousness and losing so much more. Its risky and extremely costly and if you leave it too long it could risk at the friendship existing altogether.

Good friendships and i mean the real good ones, the deep ones, they are not easy to come by. Why risk throwing it away just so you can prove your right? Sure we have high friend counts as the days go by but real true friendships are becoming rare as ever. Someone may have 17,000 profile views and seven thousand friends and might have comments flooding is probably lonely as ever in the real world. I have come across friendships that have been killed and destroyed by constant arguements and its devastating.

So i realise i am lucky because i have friends that i can turn too, friends that go out of their way to drive me home when i am in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and stranded in a dodgy train station, i have friends that will listen to me hours on end, listening to what is bothering me or the boy i am crazy about at the time even if nothing is new to add in the conversation. They even listen to me if there is nothing at all happening. They are there to hug me and say everything is okay when i burst out crying. My true friends.

I love them and value their friendships too much to risk such consequences. I dont want to lose any of it over something so trivial. We are all human and we stuff up. The real challenge is to forgive and move on.

So here i am ill back down and get off my high horse, staying there took too much effort and its tiring. ill forget who is more right because that doesnt matter. What matters more is something i treasure. Life though does sometimes take an unexpected turn and you find your friendship valued so much is no longer, if that happens i cant control it, no one can. But if anything im not going to let some petty arguement be the reason for it not existing. real friendship is hard to come by and its probably the most valuable thing in life besides love its sometimes even better, so im going to do everything i can to keep them.


One Response to “For what it’s worth.”

  1. And thus I didn’t get angry at joey.
    Awesome post Tash.

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