the origin of zabetheli

let me explain the origins of the word ‘zabetheli’ in this post.

Why not my first real name? Well let me tell you why not my name (elizabeth) because the origin of that name is just so incredbily dull and i dont really understand it. Honestly consercrated to God? What does that EVEN mean? People have names that mean ‘queen of blah blah’ or whatever. ANYTHING is more interesting than the origin of Elizabeth. Which i have said before is a completely default name, it sits right next to Sally and the famous credit card pin up John Smith. I share my name with the queen -_-

So lets not dwell on that too long and go back to my MAIN focus to this post..

The origin of the word zabetheli..

Let me say first that this is often misspelt and a name that is hard to remember because people cant remember how to spell it yet alone pronounce it. I am often nicknamed as ‘zab’ which i got at frankie forum. I dont mind it. Im pretty sure if someone now shouted that out loud in the street “ZABBBBBBB!” i would honestly turn around and answer to it.

Alot of people think zabetheli is a random short little mouthful of a word that i made up from complete randomness. but when i made it I thought it was more obvious than this.

let me break it down.. it is quite simply Elizabeth which is my name jumbled up. The first two syllables shifted to the end.

Elizabeth -> Eli zabeth -> zabeth eli -> zabetheli

Now theres an progression/evolution chart to beat all name charts >_> I decided to do this two years ago when trying to think of a new nickname on MSN so i jumbled it up because i lack creativity when it comes to nicknames (the most creative i have gone was to nicknaming my mate Joey -> Jelly and i was SO so proud of it, it was almost pathetic how proud i was) and so my attempt to make an interesting online username out of such a defaulted dull name – zabetheli stuck.

I only realised that people didnt catch on to the jumble till months later a boy approaches me on msn…

“OMG i just realised what your nickname meant! ITS YOUR NAME!! Ive been trying to figure out what it was for months now!”

Okay maybe he isnt slow as i first thought he was, maybe it just ONLY makes sense and is ONLY obvious in my HEAD.

Oh also just to clear this up. I dont go around in real life saying my real name is zabetheli and suggest people to call me that. That has never happened. Ever. And i dont plan it too. I can handle zab. But not zabetheli. I just use it as a username online. Well thats a nice little history lesson. You guys are now free to leave for little lunch… yes at 12.40 in the morning!!*



*ending of this post is awkward, i never said i was a good writer. ha! most awkward writer ever.


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