disney didnt give me unrealistic expectations… what are you talking about?

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Cinderella

Ive been seeing the “Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations” group around on Facebook. Right at this moment it has 127948 members

I thought about it and was like has disney given me unrealistic expectations? Can i be a member of this group that i wont ever look into again like every other group i join.

Damn you walt disney have you realised what you have done?

Hold on.. why are we blaming Walt Disney… and what are we actually blaming him for? What is so unrealistic about what Disney movies anyway?

Okay maybe not everyone is a princess or has such beauty that needs to be punished by their stepmothers, maybe we don’t all have stepmothers to start off with, and besides Princess Mary of Denmark its going to be pretty impossible for a girl here living in Sydney to meet an actual prince thats heir to the throne.

Can we really say Disney has given us unrealistic expectations? Well i can say that i wouldnt want a real prince anyway i wouldn’t know what to do as an actual princess, it seems pretty dull… okay maybe not **thinks of Marie Antionette … but then again she did end up with her head cut off .. and i dont really know how accurate that Kirsten Dunst potrayal was so… i don’t know.

So what is the ACTUAL disney syndrome then?? Do i have it? Well lets see…

I dont actually expect to be saved from this life i’m living and whisked off my feet by a prince I hardly know of to start with that i haven’t really had a conversation with to then be taken off with him on a horse to his castle to be married as soon as possible. Leave my family and my friends for someone i hardly know? Er i dont think so.


I dont expect to be saved and live with someone thats going to solve all my lifes problems with wealth and love.

I dont expect to marry a real prince and then therefore become a real princess, his parents die, then we find ourselves King and Queen of such and such. Countries hardly have monarchies anymore anyway besides the UK, Denmark and that country that has a princess that shares my friends name… and I am pretty sure my father wasnt a prince, or that my grandmother was a queen.

I dont expect to just sit here and be saved without leaving my house.

I dont expect a fairy godmother that will turn something in my room into glass slippers. um ew glass slippers? yuck. i can find them in Cabramatta for liek two dollars.

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Snow White

And my best friends are actual people and not animals. I dont step into my backyard and a bird lands on my finger neither when i go to bed i find mice looking over me while i sleep. I would freak out.

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Prince

But i would like a nice funny boy that has the same level of awkwardness as me. I dont expect it… it just would be nice. And thinking about it all the princes in Disney movies arent really awkward at all, i dont even think they are funny. I just know their idea of “handsome” resembles a ken doll. And just no.

So coming down to it really i guess Disney hasnt given me any unrealistic expectations at all.

I guess im not going to join that Facebook group then.. thinking about how many has joined that group… thats a little concerning =/ i hope they aren’t for real.

ps. these photos are cool arent they? they are from amazing Annie Leibovitz and i think this was for some promotion for Disney Parks.. anyway i might blog about her next. her awesomeness is not justified here.


7 Responses to “disney didnt give me unrealistic expectations… what are you talking about?”

  1. For some reason Disney hadn’t left much of a mark on my childhood. I think childhood in general gives you unrealistic expectations. Loving parents, misguided school teachers, whatever like to insist that you can do anything which really isn’t true. There is a lot in the world you can’t control. and we all have out limitations. But if we want to blame something in the media, I blame tv depicting high schoolers, marketed to tweens and younger. I watched a lot of that stuff and remember being markedly disappointed.

    But hey, lovely blog!

    • zabetheli Says:

      i agree those american high school teen shows gave me so much unrealistic expectations of how high school would be like!

      and thank you so much!

  2. I really love this blog. And now – just joined the facebook group. I’m taking Disney’s influence and landing it on me in a every movie, story or book I’ve been exposed to degree. Seriously. I’m screwed. Growing up without both parents is bad – don’t get to see love first hand. Screwed screwed screwed.

  3. YES I’m so glad to read that you have this point of view. I hate people going on about this sorta thing, or any time when adults say they don’t want their kids to have unrealistic expectations or to be set up for disappointment… the whole point of kid’s stories and fairy tales is to teach values and to give them hope – as soon as you tell a kid that they’re not going to meet the love of their life or they can’t be whatever they want to be, they stop dreaming and they stop being kids.
    any grown woman who is expecting to get swept off her feet by a foreign prince they’ve never met and live happily ever after didn’t get there just by watching a movie.
    haha sorry you just happened to bring up one of my favourite things to rant about!

    • zabetheli Says:

      i agree, if a grown woman is expecting anything like a prince, a pumpkin carraige and a castle – its definately more than disney!

      im glad you enjoyed my post!

  4. such an interesting post!

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