military jacket love

AHHH the stuff i would do for a blazer like this!!

I want I want I want I want I want I want

This military blazer was won by a very lucky person for 300 dollars on ebay. um eep.

When i was last in Melbourne i was in one of their vintage shops near Flinders maybe. And they had this military jacket on a dummy way up on the wall (they have very tall walls) and i was like to the guy working there “How much is that? *points* “The miliary blazer? Thats ..not for sale”

=/ Why on earth would you display all these clothes on these dummies and NOT sell them? How rude. It should have a sign atleast. What a waste its just hanging on a dummy for decoration when someone could be actually wearing it around like it was made for…

This blazer also reminds me of the photographer boy when The Vines played at The Metro last year.

I tapped him on the shoulder, “I LOVE your blazer!! Where did you get it?” and he said ever so casually “oh this thing? my friend made it for me”.

Er… friends of mine? Can you make me such a blazer please?





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