love is blind.

love opens up a door of confusion and leaves us running blind.

and nevertheless of the warnings we are given, we are all trying to get a hold of it.

and if we our lucky to capture it. we are all trying to keep it as long as we can, with everything we have, we hold onto it until our hands bleed from our firm grip.

and sometimes the grip we have hurts so much that we just let go.

and we all pretty much try anything to get it back again.

and the cycle continues.

and when it doesn’t work we find ourselves in the state of chaos.  it leaves us to deal with it on our own. and after a while we are left feeling numb.

and from the outside world looking in what we might do at this certain time of our lives might not make sense.

people deal with it in their own different ways. some people cry and cry themselves to sleep until they are numb enough to go back to the outside world. and others would think, why should they try so hard to get a hold of it again? all we need is something just to keep our mind off the place that made us fall so hard on our faces the first time around “that bitch/jerk.” who said we need the real deal here?

and we might still be running blind, and we dont realise the collateral damage that just took place. “forgive the enemy?” your friends will exlaim “darl, i hope you get your eyesight back asap!” but as i said love is blind. very blind.

and its a confusing freaking place. and in between the fall and recovery of getting your eyesight back you will then try and figure out whether you should go back or go. even though it maybe obvious just to get the hell out of there, youll still consider it anyway. but between all that, time is the only thing that will heal you my friend.

its a crazy place and people are trying everything just to survive and finding ways to get through things.

love is a chaotic battleground. that some may be winning too, but many are loosing and others that are trying to recover from their hits and falls.

im going to regret reaching there. ignorance is bliss is it not? and being a witness to this ugly battleground is overwhelming enough. but at the same time i say that i know secretly that i cannot wait till i reach this massacre. bring it on.



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