The Hills vs True Blood

  • Firstly i have something to confess. I have recently (as of yesterday) become abit crazily addicted to The Hills. I never ever thought i could get into this show (but of course when i said that i never watched or really heard about the actual concept of the show)… but yes people. in over really 24 hours i am nearing the end of season 2. and will soldier on to five i think by thursday.
  • Speaking of TV shows, i completed the very first episode of season one the very hyped True Blood. To be honest i was pretty disappointed and found it really cheesy i really felt like i was watching Twilight. I feel like i missed the thing that everyone seems to love about the show.

  1. So far i have gathered that I really dont like the girl protagonist (a girl that has telepathic powers – she can read peoples minds except vampires.. ooo). I didnt like her pretty much straight away (which is awful to say, but she didnt leave a good first impression on me. i think its her accent. Im hoping shell grow on me).
  2. The boy protagonist reminds me of Edward Cullen, troubled and mysterious. So nothing new there.
  3. The Japanese developed fake blood (=true blood) which in result encouraged vampires to live with humans in society normally. Its an open known fact that vampires exist, especially when they order i dont know True Blood instead of a Coke in a cafeteria.
  4. Vampires are allergic to Silver, when these two come in contact vampire skin seems to sort of burn? They also run fast and are cunning and alluring.
  5. Vampire sex looks really scary. Vampires look even scarier having sex.
  6. Vampire blood is used pretty much as drugs so vampires are in danger from druggies that are desperate for a high.

  • The show hasnt hooked me in yet obviously and after watching the first episode im not really expecting it too but lets see ill give the show a chance afterall its on HBO.
  • But honestly if you were to ask me what show i would watch two seasons in pretty much 24 hours and a show that hardly impressed me on their pilot. i would have NEVER predicted that The Hills would be the one im hooked onto and that True Blood left me saying ‘meh.’
  • But as i said, ill give True Blood more chances to get it right and hook me in (i actually want it too). Dont let me down. (again)

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