Scooter <3

What i want more than anything in the world right now is a scooter. I really really really want one. I told my mum about it and she seemed convinced. So now i’m spending my morning scooter hunting (and now i have a reason to actually want to get my Ps :P)

Right now i think i want a Vespa (eg Vespa GTV250, Vespa LX150, Vespa LX125) but im open to other models like the Aprilla Mojito that Alison has in Yes Man (because her scooter is just gorgeous but very hard to find,  i wouldnt be suprised if it was custom) or even a Bug maybe or or or a Sachi Amici 125!!

Scooters are so cute!! *Little girl squeal*

I think i have reached a point in my life that makes it the most perfect time to get one. Im young, Im independant and the furthest ill really drive it ever is to university. Later in life comes the responsibilities that a car holds. I dont really need to carry four other people in my vehicle and if i find such a need ill just use my mothers car. So yes! Hunt for the right scooter is now on!! Hopefully i will have one by the time of my 20th birthday. Wishful thinking.


Vespa GTV 250i.e

Vespa LX50



One Response to “Scooter <3”

  1. OH GOD ME TOO!!1 Five-ish weeks in Italy made me decide that my life is totally missing a Vespa :p


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