top of the morning to you all!

So it is Christmas season :: i don’t know why i am on the computer (oh well let me be selfish for just a few more minutes longer!) today is my only day off till my christmas dinner party. i should be out buying presents for my lovelies! and im looking forward to my dinner party! it shall be so good to see all my friends and to celebrate the year that is and will be 2009!

so what is currently on the most highest rotation on my stereo is Florence and the Machine whom i am currently totally gushing over.  shes so brilliant!

I think my anthem for the summer is “Summer Skin” by Death Cab For Cutie. I have fallen for this song hard.

so the other day me and my friends drove down for an hour or so and went rowing. it was so good to spend the day in this way. surrounded by trees in a little boat with my friends. laughing and talking about silly things. without a care in the world.

i felt pretty adventurous that day so i did a few things that i wouldn’t normally do such as this ::

im so glad i did it though. it was completely worth the rope burn. whenever i pictured myself doing it i always thought of alison when she jumped into the river the exact same way in The Notebook. I guess i didn’t jump in as glamorous as i imagined (i landed on a few rocks several times).

anyway :: this is me and my best friend when we popped into Finders Keepers market a couple of weeks ago ::

um i think thats all i have to say. which was nothing at all 😀




One Response to “idk.”

  1. you should really get back to blogging again missy !

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