I feel like starting fresh. It is not surprising to feel like this when you hit January. New year. Fresh start right? Instead of going through the hassle, I’ll just keep this old tattered blog. Besides I am a little attached to the old thing. So 2010 has arrived and 2009 is well done and has left us behind in a blink of an eye. I’ve learnt alot in the last year of the noughties and dare i say i grew up a little. Entering 2010 still naive but definitely not as naive 365 days ago. I’ve promised myself to stick to this blog and document my general thoughts on life etc. Rania told me to” actually write stuff this time”. Completely aware of how detached i have made myself to this blog and how personal and awesome my friend Jeanices one is, I apologise and will try to make it up to all of you invisible people.

Determined to make changes to my life, I will blog more and to make sure I do I have persuaded Rania to get a blog of her own – the only best friend without a blog. Soon my circle of friend blogs will be complete! Note to self: Persuade Joey to get blog – this may be a difficult task as he is a dedicated myspacer and extremely lazy with a short attention span.


One Response to “2010”

  1. What’s Rania’s blog? I want to link mine with hers.. and HOW did you manage to persuade Rania? I’ve honestly tried my hardest retartedly and did not succeed, HOW POOPY!

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