paint and walls

I currently smell like turpentine and Im covered in white paint splatters and blobs.

I was helping mum with painting and as much as i thought i would enjoy it, i didnt today. My painting technique was constantly being corrected. I thought i was doing a good job until my mum told me that i shouldnt make the layer that thick and that i should limit my strokes to two. Being covered in stubborn white paint is not really my idea of fun today. I have given up and walked away.

I would rather be baking.

So Im back in my room staring at my bedroom walls. Which i do quite often. I continuously scrutinise it – which is why the walls in my room is hardly ever the same when my friends come over. Im always feeling the need to change it. I wonder why.

The colour of my walls is this awkward biege – you see my mother thinks its a great idea to have the whole house the same damn colour. Except for the guest room is why is blue – only because she overestaimated how much she needed for paint for the bathroom.

I have posters all over and vintage frames all on one wall. And its these posters that change my room every single time. Ill put one up and pull down another. Yay me and my crazy poster behaviour – the rest of my friends walls sort of remain static compared to mine. The only part of my wall that has remained the same is my bird cage wall sticker right next to my bed.

Hmm.. wow a post on walls-  who would have thought.



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