everyone is overseas!!

 My dearest Jeanice is currently overseas, she is probably relaxing under a palm tree on a beach in the Phillipines right now that or trying to find some toilet paper in an awkward toilet break flush with a bucket full of water. But yes, she is in the phillipines and she has gone away for a month. Good news is shell be back this Saturday in which i am counting down the days till i see her (and no, skype does not count). But Skype has been great source of constant communication. It is FREE which is nice also. But yes, i am counting down the days ill see her and even asked her if i could come to the airport so we can have a “Love Actually’ movie ending moment and that all we would miss is ‘God Only Knows’ playing in the background. But that could be done if i am determined enough.

Kianie is also going away and to think a month was long, this one is going to China to teach English for half a year!! Exciting i know, but I will miss her very very much! She is probably going to be away for longer if she decides to travel the world after that (which i know she won’t be able to resist). Her going away party is this weekend, and shell be out of the country in two weeks D: She has promised to stay in touch; which i really hope she does, Kianie is not a very communicative human being and tends to stray away from her blogs and such. But she will VLOG and facebook; we demand it! Her vlog is going really really well and all us joke that she is going to be the next meme that will take over The Internets. As much as I will miss her I wish her lots of dumplings and pad thai adventures :3

As for me I am still in the country and have not moved. That makes me feel dull inside. But with what may lack in travel journeys; i hope other stuff will happen. Like meeting new people and spending more time with existing friends and experience new things- lol im so lame. So i am taking new risks that i would have never dared to do in 2009 and this has resulted in an interesting string of events. Yay for excitement!!


2 Responses to “everyone is overseas!!”

  1. Hi,
    I’m Kianie’s dad, any links to Kianie’s VLOG I got her Julie Facebook but nada as I’ve misplaced important scrap of paper with her gmail account info….
    mmm trying to avoid the pain associated with the other avenue of getting it, seriously it ain’t fun trust me…


    • zabetheli Says:

      hi i just tried emailing it to you but seems like your email doesnt exist, im guessing you misspelled one of the words on purpose so ill try it again.

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