Your phone rings or beeps with a new text message, you check it with a tiny bit of excitement and though you would never admit it out loud you never fail to have a little hope inside that it is from a certain person. But it turns out it isnt, so you can’t help but throw your phone on your bed and walk away.

When I hear stories from my friends of how they met their boyfriend or girlfriend it always seems like the ‘courting stage’ was the best part.

Not being sure whether the other likes them or not. The chase. The cute little  meet ups. Still trying to figure out who they are and what they like.  The awkward meet ups, with the awkward hug and the excitement that rushes through. The over analysing of words and body language. Feeling the constant need from your friends to reassure you that ‘yeah he likes you’. Dreading and holding your breath the second you send that text message thinking that he might not reply. And when he does its then what do you say next. Trying to figure out whether or not your being too much or not but not so much that it seems like you don’t like them. Trying to find that perfect in between of it all. And then trying not to think of all this at the same time, and to keep it cool and go with the flow or atleast trying to appear to be.

Thats the best part? Really? Its exhausting.


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