what is it good for? absolutely nothing.

one my best mates is seriously thinking of joining the army, so serious in fact that he is going to his recruitment session in the middle of april next month. this must be one of the most biggest decisions he has made in his whole entire life, and i hate it. i dont want him to do it. i really dont. he knows my views on war and everything about it. its ugly and i dont want one my best friends to be a part of that. just the whole notion of being a part of something so horrible. no matter how long he tries to convince me or anyone else that he his decision is the right one, i cant believe him or even see his side. we argued yesterday about it. he was angry at me that i hanged up on the three way phone conversation we were in, he told me it was rude and i was being a bitch about it. but i hanged up because i honestly thought if i stayed in such a conversation longer it would have turned ugly. much more ugly then he thought it already was. he told me he hated that i mocked him but i said that ill of course mock him if i think one of his arguements for it validates his decision to join the army. he says he wants to be in mortal combat and that this is something he is really sure that he wants to do and i cant support him this time. no not for this. i dont regret anything i said and i wont apologise for any of it. im not going to downplay my views neither am i going to stop being a bitch about it. if theres any situation where i have to be the bitchy rude unsupporting friend, its this.


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