present lists.

Two of my best friends birthdays are turning 20 this april and since one of them has advised me that she is typing up a wishlist, it got me thinking. i have never really done one since i was probably ten years old and that probably listed the barbie picnic van i desperately wanted. what do i want now though? i cant really think of anything spectacular, but neither does sheryl really, i mean she wants me to buy her a feather duster for her twentieth birthday. a feather duster that spins and collects dust. seems rather easy to please and i am as well, have always been really happy with what my friends come up with.

i would really like my mother to buy me a sewing machine though – however i doubt she would do such a thing since she is certain that our old singer made in the 90s is perfectly fine, however i disagree, it gathers at the back alot of the time and wrecks the material and also i want to be able to put it in my room so i can work on my sewing projects more easily. I really want to seriously learn how to sew. And by that i mean i would really love to learn how to sew dresses and skirts and even hair ribbons. So mum please.

A bicycle with a weaved basket would be cool but i am sure i am going to have to buy that myself. Its sort of a particular thing i want but rather hard to find.

The things i can really think of is “things i need” like what Sheryl said she wants to buy things that people need rather than want. That sort of puzzles of me really since usually isnt it the opposite when it comes to present giving? I guess i need 120mm camera film for my diana f+, some ribbon for my typewriter, so thanks Sheryl.

The things i want is Aladdin and Anastacia on dvd. I tried thinking of some more things but i cant really think of anything. I like alot of things which is sort of clear on this blog. But i feel wierd making such a list. Ill leave Sheryl to seriously write one for herself.

elizabeth x


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