Two posts ago, i stated that i was watching season four of skins… i just complain a little here of how annoyed the final last two episodes made me. Im not going to wreck anything here (ive learned not to do that). But all i want to say is that it felt incredibly rushed. You know what it felt like, it felt like from episode 6, they all found out that they should quickly finish and wrap up the whole season in the next two episodes. Episode 7 seemed to be going okay and sort of had a WTFFF moment. But then episode 8 is when they really rushed the ending of things. Alot of things werent finalised, well they sort of were but it felt like the easy cliche way to end things. It annoyed me so much. Stupid writers. Skins is suppose to be about real things. Its not your typical soap opera, its not suppose to have perfect endings, i hate where the character storylines are going to end up if they continue. Gah.

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