I have so much work to do but i slept when the sun was going down anyway. I am pretty much less than 24 hours away from complete freedom for a blissful easter break.

I have realised when I am stressed out or down about something I sleep for prolonged hours and eat chocolate more than usual.

Tomorrow night I am heading down purple sneakers Рwhich should be a good night, on Friday night is a wierd SBS movie night at Jamies where I plan to borrow the two most disturbing movies i know and I am planning an Easter lunch with all my favourite people on Monday. So the next 20 or so hours couldnt be much wanted to be over quickly enough.

Sort of wish i can skip all this work and just play, unfortunately life doesnt work that way.

Oh and also my lovely cousin from Melbourne is heading up to Sydney tommorow night so that should be really good to see her again and show her around Sydney for the first time. Just another reason for this yucky work to be over.

I am going to include some photos i have been pleasantly pleased to discover today, definately cheered up my dull day. Please check our the flickr i found it from -> wallposterstar

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  1. she’s amaaazing.<3

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