Good Friday Picnic

I gathered with Jeanice and Joey on Friday afternoon and had a picnic with them under Jeanices olive tree.

Note: Do not picnic under olive trees as this is not a practical idea and you will have olive stains on your favourite white stockings.

Another note: Always have thickened cream stocked in the fridge. Do not under estimate its importance.

Apart from the olive stains the picnic was quite lovely, we had a cake that looked like a domino, we had trouble making white chocolate ganache for our cake without cream, which is sort of impossible. Jeanice swore the weather was exactly the same as last years Good Friday, I agreed. We reenacted the annual “Oh lets hit Joey in the head!” but did not have a chocolate bunny like we had last year so i just hit him with my hand – and if you know me my hits are pretty pathetic, so dont feel sorry for him. We ate 5 cent apple strudals, and had toasted cheese and tomato sandwhiches.



One Response to “Good Friday Picnic”

  1. I ate this cake three days later. It was yum (:

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