cup of destiny

yesterday me and adam went to his mums house and for fun we all decided to do tea leaf reading or the “cup of destiny” as it is otherwise called.

so what you do is you pour yourself of regular tea whilst at the same time trying to get a good amount of tea leaves in your cup while pouring. have it anyway you like, with milk, sugar or whatever. drink it until there is barely enough tea left except for a tiny bit that you can still swish around. swish it for three times and then tip the cup upside down on a saucer, you are then left with some tea leaves still in your cup, there will be different shapes which you can then analyse.

adams mum is looking into my cup and shes like ‘woah thats the biggest frog i have ever seen!’, ‘…oh what does a frog mean?’, ‘it means a baby look bec isnt that the biggest frog you have ever seen?’

O_O er what?

it didnt help that adam got a frog too -___- and why did the damn frog have to be big, what did the size of it matter? it probably didnt but it definitely did not make me feel better. i knew if sheryl was there she would have laughed so hard because she has always teased me that ill have two round kids ever since a lunchtime back in high school, when one girl in our grade was confident she can find out about your future kids just with a necklace and your hand laid flat open. the normal necklace around her neck would either spin in circles if it was a boy and side ways if it was a girl, “channeling your energy”. all the girls gathered around her wanting their fortunes to be told. when it was my turn i laid my hand open and got the biggest circles out of every body “youll have a boy… woah um a big boy… woah two big boys!”, when it was sheryls turn she the necklace dropped still above her hand and got sort of upset that the stupid necklace told her she wouldnt have kids, but sheryl keeps teasing me about how big those damn circles were. back to my tea story – still freaked out, i wanted another cup of tea…

and i got a damn frog again. adam did too. actually i think he got two frogs this time. and both of our stupid frogs was on the side of the cup which apparently means it will happen soon. soon? freaked out i blurted “er thats impossible… just so you guys know” adams sister laughed at me. but seriously. what the hell was a frog doing in my cup?? Go away stupid frog, youve made me paranoid more than ever.

it has officially scared the hell out of me that on the bus home i felt sick just thinking about it. i think schools should do this for sex ed and it will guarranttee to freak out the kids along with Coach Carr from Mean Girls “Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!”

stupid frog – stay out of my tea.


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