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RE: jeanices post on uni friends

I am currently in my second year of media in which i thought i would have already by far made a uni group, one that i would hang with, talk with and confide with, just like it seems that everyone else has including Jeanice. But the problem is when your degree is under Arts this may be seen as a little difficult. Unlike the rest of the people attending university or even high school, you are not necessarily stuck with the same sort of people during your whole university experience since in Arts you end up with a wide variety of units to choose from to make up your degree.

The compulsory units are now over and done with from my first year. I constantly meet new people in every single unit I do, I have met people through philosophy, brain behaviour evolution, industrial arts, radio, media theory and screen production and screen writing and though they are familiar faces that also are doing the same media degree as me, it is unlikely that I will share all the same units and if I’m lucky maybe one or two.

It also doesnt help that I’m socially awkward dominated by a course of confident social beings.

The friends i have made last year at university are people i dont see at all this year, yes friend circles have definitely changed for me. I learned that things change for a reason, life isnt stable and things arent going to end up the way I expect it to be – it will be better.

So the university friendship experience I thought everyone would have isnt something that is shared by everyone, the same way high school is, its different for everyone and mine has made me more independant.

I have made some lovely new friends and I am happy so thats all that really matters right now. About the life long friendships that are said to be made during university life? Who knows.


One Response to “University Life”

  1. Hey!

    I totally get what you’re talking about!

    I’ve just finished my second year in university doing Journalism and Literature, I am too, a socially awkward being and find it hard to instantly merge in with a group of friends and sort of straight away seem like bestest friends!
    I have made a awesome social group, and I decided to join in with the welcome week (freshers) team! The thing with media is that to be successful its not WHAT you know its WHO you know, so keep track of those who you meet along the way! 😉

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