I have a few days more of still being a teenager and I feel like I should be doing something with the remaining days of the teenagedom I still have left… but i have no idea what those things should be.

I was sitting down on the platform waiting for the train the other day and this thought came into mind, when will it become too old for me to sit here on the ground? Its normal to see kids sitting on the sidewalk, train stations and bus stops. What point in your life does it change for it not to be okay to do that? Can i still do those things at twenty? Maybe university students can still get away with that. Maybe its considered inappropriate when I have a real job and a full license?

Wednesday, Ill officially be twenty years old. And its a scary thought. My teens are running out a day at time. Can i still wear my jay jay shirts at 26? Would i still be able to get away with my skeleton stockings and my patrick bag in the next three years? Probably not.

The time has come when I am going to experience the twenties lifestyle. So that is when I get graduate from university, get a real job with a salary, move out and start paying bills right? Where true independence starts creeping in.

A majority of people get married in their mid twenties. Im entering the age when ill see my friends fall in love, get engaged, get married and have children, hell friends are doing that now but those things will be guarranted to happen in the next ten years of my life and it wont be wierd to see that happen, its when its sort of expected to happen.

Im sort of freaking out.


One Response to “twenties.”

  1. Lol who says you can’t get away with those things anymore, you’re only as old as you feel.

    Don’t change because society tells you to.

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