thanks for the memories.

after a forced introduction by his mother we were talking to each other, the first time in years. now adults and pretty much strangers. i was still suprised to hear that his voice broke. i asked him if he remembered the time i stacked in the front door step over me desperately running away from them chasing me as i was protecting a pokemon card and through the awkwardness i was happy to be talking to my old friend again. so many memories of my childhood were with him, getting stuck in the tree in my front yard, playing pokemon on his gameboy, him vomiting cuz i was vomiting, sitting next to each other on the plan to the phils for seven hours, sitting next to each other for another thirteen hours on a car trip to qld, watching him play soccer, bicycle riding around the streets and haunted houses. he was my best guy friend. but here we are and we can talk to each other without any tension or anger but i guess in retrospect,  i wish i still knew you, pity through silly circumstances we find ourselves where we are now, but you are still one of the greatest friends ive ever had even though we were only kids.



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