LeBron James joins Miami Heat today.

Before I met my boyfriend – I had no idea who this man was. LeBron who? According to Adam, this guy LeBron has the potential to be the next Michael Jordan.

Now i know certain basketball terms that i like emphasising when I hear people talk about the ‘playoffs’ or the NBA if you will.

“Oh apparently that guy is a ‘free agent‘ now, it will be interesting what happens with him”

I know LeBron James was signed with Cavaliers (I forgot the city Cavaliers are from but i know it start with C)

A guy I thought was named Kobie O’Bryant has no “o” …’only noobs think that’ says Adam. Whatever – Kobie O‘Bryant from the LA Lakers (i think… its either Lakers or Celtics) should have an O before ‘Bryant’ – it just sounds better. This guy is apparently a big deal as well.

Um thats sort of all i know along with random words like 76rs and tmac – oh and that lebron and michael jordan are both the no23 haha. I will end this fail nba post.



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