whilst im staying here in melbourne i am  with over my aunty and uncles house and on this time i return to the house where my cousins have moved out on their own. on sunday, two of my cousins came over early in the morning and when i walked into the living room all sleepy-eyed my aunty greets a good morning and smiles widely as she tells me everyone has gathered together to go to church with me. great.

i know this isnt a regular thing. im even sure my aunty herself doesnt go to church every sunday anymore but since im there and they have no clue that I havent actually gone to church in what it seems to be like more than a year now. I guess Ill go.

To cut it short only my friends actually know i dont go anymore, even my mother thinks i still go. Every sunday, its a big sneaky tactic, I feel like Im on a secret mission, being careful to never get caught. She drops me off at church and I quickly get inside I stay in the church foyer for around a minute, I then grab the church bulletin for proof that i actually went if my attendance was to ever be questioned, I then carefully sneak outside and hang out in gloria jeans for an hour or to the local video store where i choose the dvd of the week. Once time is up, I quickly rush back to outside of church where my mother picks me up. She has no clue and i dont have the heart to tell her.

I know my cousins dont go at all but since everyone was gathered and that my aunty was so happy over this rare unity on a sunday morning I tried to seem enthused about it. i ate my breakfast slowly and tried to dress up quickly, my cousins fussed over their clothes and my aunty put on her perfume and off we went.

It was at a catholic church in Williamstown, an old church, pretty like most old churches are. An Australian priest, which was refreshing, since back home the local catholic church has an asian priest with a very thick accent. The whole mass was okay. He was telling us that the catholic church was getting proactive on dealing with the sexual abuse and all that.

But then at the end of the mass he read out announcements and announced monthly confidentiality meetings on same sex attraction and learning how to deal with this according to the bible and the church – this is when i rolled my eyes.

Which leads me up to the question – Can you still be something but then disagree and customise the religion to suit you? To emphasise parts that suit you and then eave out parts and say that those certain parts shouldnt be taken literally? Can you still call yourself a muslim but then drink up every weekend and eat pork? Can you still call yourself a buddhist but then eat meat? Can you still call yourself something but then backtrack and say your okay with certain things. “Im a [insert religion here] but i dont agree with [something that is taught in the religion] only hard out [insert religion] do that.” I dont think you can call yourself that and just agree with some of the teachings that suit you? If you dont believe in one part of it doesnt that mean you cant agree with the whole thing? Can you customise religion and continue to pick and choose? I dont think you can? Its either take it all or leave it right?

Still confused as ever xx


One Response to “church.”

  1. Cherry picking what you like and what you don’t like in religion is stupid I think. Do what you think is good because you think its good, not because religion thinks its good; vice versa for bad.

    Actually I remember Richard Dawkins in an interview on time saying something like ‘religious people, as well as me, are capable of picking which customs are good and which ones are bad. Were all capable of recognizing it, so why not bypass the bible (koran etc.) and just go straight for the moral value’. Dawkins ftw once again ^_^

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