what a sydney sider appreciates in melbourne

a few things i like about melbourne::

regular people ride their bicycles so much so that their is bicycle lanes marked on the roads, they use their bicycle to get to point a to point b, to buy a loaf of bread and some lollies down the road. if you see someone on a bicycle in sydney they are in skin tight body suits and shaved legs going as fast as cars.

melbourne has a rich cafe culture, going to the cafe and drinking their coffee or tea is a regular normal day thing, they sit outside and read their newspapers and magazines, they are with their best friends discussing recent events while they have their dog sitting right by them. in sydney people drink their coffee and tea on the go in takeaway cups and if one finds time they usually drink it indoors.

the train system in sydney sucks, i know it, you know it, everyone knows that cityrail is crap. in melbourne commuting seems much more simple, think mymulti but everyday, your choice when buying a ticket is basically zone 1 or zone 2, if you want to get to flinders st station and your in newport you get a zone 1 ticket, if you want to get somewhere further away and it falls outside of the yellow zone 1 lines you get zone 2. in sydney you have to buy a million tickets to get to point a to point b to point c. its ridiculous. also travelling here is much more cheaper. the trains are cleaner and in melbourne they have trams the one tram going down to market city in sydney is a joke to me.

melbourne has laneways, they use up all the space, go down a laneway that leads to another and youll find a wh0le row of cafes. this is refreshing in sydney basically what you see in the streets is what you get apart from a very few exceptions, thank god surry hills is catching on that laneways are awesome.

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