i miss you quite terribly

as much as i love the city of melbourne, its culture, people, fashion and flair – i miss sydney.
i miss home. i miss my bedroom. i miss my favourite people in the whole world. i miss my mother. i miss frankie, my dog. i miss my best friend and it goes without needing to say that i really miss a certain boy.

if anything is going to keep me in sydney its the people that im surrounded with. yes i love these laneways, the clothes, the cafes, and the architecture but whats the good in all that if you are not surrounded by the people that mean the world to you?

my cousins are here and so are my uncle and aunty and its that will always want me wanting to comeback. but i know right now im happy to be a sydney sider, home is where the heart is. i have the most amazing people back there that make my life so much more colourful, that i cant live without right now.

sydney is an amazing place. as much as i compare the two cities it really shouldnt be like that. sydney has wonderful markets, my favourite vintage shops that doesnt cost the earth. we sydney siders have newtown, we have glebe, we have surry Hills, and bondi. the streets of sydney alone is awesome. sydney has culture. when i say melbourne does it doesnt mean that im saying sydney lacks one. they are both the similar in many ways but different somehow and i appreciate both.

sometimes i will say that i will move to melbourne. but deep down i dont think i will. ill always be a sydney girl by heart.

ill be home soon. wednesday is the day and i cant wait.



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