federal election: a woman vs a sexist

I like many other people in Australia sat down last night and watched The Great Debate ft. Julia Gillard current prime minister and part of the Labour Party and Tony Abbot the leader of the Liberal Party.

I watched it with the worm, a live graph showing the current audiences positive and negative responses. As expected Julia Gillard had a more positive reaction. Theres something about her I don’t really like I can’t put my finger on it yet though of what that might precisely be…

Maybe its the way she got to be the leader of this country. I like many others did not expect June 23 to be the day which we saw a new prime minister. It was sneaky and come on it was mean, poor Kevin Rudd. Okay hes made some bad moves but what about John Howard? How can Howard be prime minister for all those terms and a guy like Rudd get kicked out in his first term? If a party sees one single moment where they might lose the next election, they will just change their leader? What if the public doesn’t want that. Its not even up to public.

I see many women out there in the media and obviously in the worm where the graph was split by gender (who knows why) where the women had a much more positive reaction to Julia debating, why was this so? Okay maybe it could be because of the the guy on the other side of the debate – Tony Abbott but still. I feel like many women out there are only supporting her because she is a woman. “About time a woman ran this country”. Of course i feel like a woman could do the job and would love to see a woman running this country – but thats not what Im going to base my August 21 decision on, on gender alone. People should vote for Gillard if they thinkĀ  shes is the woman for the job – by her policies etc not her gender.

But I dont really like Tony Abbott either, Gillard seemed to tackle and crush him to easily in the debate. It made him look weak. She always had a response, Tony made it seem that he was our only other choice if we did not like Labour and of course it isn’t, but why do they make it look like its so. And whats the deal with his stance on workchoices? Can he make his mind up, is it the phrase if he doign to keep it how its going or is he just going to make something under a new name? It was clear in the 07 election that Australians didn’t want it, so why is he still going on with it? He seems outdated and not aware that we are in the 21st century – his views on sex before marriage, er religion in politics? Thats not right. And he doesnt believe in climate change? That just sounds like ignorance to me. Tony Abbott in the debate in his opening statement said he knew the struggle that Australian families had, struggle? if your husband or father is a politician your not going to struggling compared to someone that is on the pension are you?

Politics isn’t really my thing, I dont really like any of them. I dont trust any of them. I dont think that Tony or Julia would carry out every single promise they are making now in their campaigns.

I think Ill just vote for Bob Brown the leader of the Greens – though my Aunty would look at me incredulously telling me that “it wont make a difference, vote for Labour or Liberal thats who it really is down too, not the greens – I mean who are they?”


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