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Setting up friends and making planned coincidences is very fun. Well for my own sake anyway.



give me wings.

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a ring with an opening? i want.

x no longer exclusive.

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Would just like to rant here for a second. just became an open community.

The once exclusive fashion community site it once was with its invite-only condition on joining has been overthrown.


who said to just wear black in winter?

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Spanish Designer Sybillia doesn’t think so. This reminds me of a colour scheme Jeanice will dare to go for. As for me I like to stick with navy blue and red, but i promise ill try to be more daring in the future. Colour scares me. I dont know how to make it work without looking like a four year old. I do like mustard yellow though but even then ill just wear black with it. My wardrobe needs more colour and I need the guts to go for it.



a new project…

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Me and Jeanice are currently planning to make up a stall at Glebe Markets… I’m pretty excited about this and have already had a bunch of vintage dresses and all to sell. I am going to bake some cupcakes and sell those too. I have a paper bag full of ring backings that Ill make into pretty rings. So till the sun gets warmer my collection of things to sell will grow larger.
Time to get creative.

back to black.

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new theme. felt like a change. the girl in my header is miss kirsten dunst, thanks to adam for helping me with the header :3

MommoHDKirsten Dunst-Takashi Murakami

getting creative with silver

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Kareena Zerefos has been one of my favourite illustrators ever since i discovered her work at Finders Keepers Market and Yen Magazine and so I am very excited to find out that she has collaborated with Zoe Sernack to create limited edition silver charms! Oh how i want one! I love the deer and elephant! Just lovely x