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I predict that tommorow will be a big mess of fun.

This is exciting. Cant wait.


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One of my friends I think is finally starting to like someone.

This is so cute. Seeing as she doesnt really like someone often.

Me and my friend are being all giggly about it.

Doing little set ups and all, its all very fun.

This progress of events is going to be interesting.

People are so cute when they like someone.

Funny what love can do to a person.

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WordPress i apologise that i have abandoned you for quite some time.

My mother is currently in the Philippines, she is going with her friends and her sister and well thats pretty cute. The night before she left, I stayed up and drew all these sketches and cut up my favourite magazines showing her the sort of dresses i wanted made by the local dressmaker there. This is smart, because it will be so much more cheaper than the eighty dollar price tag they have on dresses here.

So since she is overseas, I am left with the house to myself. Joy… well not really. Thank god I have my dog because otherwise this will be to lonesome to deal with. Washing my own clothes, washing up the dishes, cooking dinner for one, cleaning the house is so much work. I get why people become just a housewife. I have realised how lazy I really am. I still have a load of clothes that I have just washed but I cant be bothered to dry, this isnt good and should really do that once i stop typing.

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I am officially employed. Finally!

A job at a hotel, pouring drinks and carrying three plates at once.

I start next week.

Bring it on!


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its been..

six months.

182.621099 days.

half a year.

with just being with you.

laughing and smiling.

a billion hugs and kisses.

late night phone calls until i fall asleep.

a million cups of tea.

and a million plates of pad thai.

dvds, beats and a bunch of roses.

a surprise cruise around the harbour.

sudoku puzzles, philosophy and poems.

six months of just being blissfully in love.

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“Where is this love? I.. I cant see it, I cant touch it. I cant feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I cant do anything with your easy words.”

Favourite break up scene ever..

I can’t sum it up better than Andrea Capelo10 youtube comment:

“Closer is a great movie! It talks about love and sex and the confusion of the two. About lies and truth and how the destructive power of the latter is much more than the former. Men and Women. Trust and Betrayal. And its about really beautiful people fucking each other over in the name of love”