your recent facebook message telling me that you just realised i deleted you and your one year overdue ‘sorry’ forced me to think about it all again.

let me say this. i am so happy things turned out the way it did. thank you for being the jerk you were and thank god i realised you were being one – it made me realise you werent the be all and all.

that other boys were out there that wouldnt pretend i wasnt in same room when their talking to their ex girlfriend. that other boys wouldnt bitch about their ex girlfriend to me and end up hooking up with them the next day and on top of it all string me along with it.

it was because of your idiocy that i am stronger than i was. i am smarter and less niave.

i dont take shit from anyone anymore.

it made me go to halloween without you and I ended up me meeting a beautiful boy that has changed my life forever – that boy now is now my boyfriend and an amazing one at that and your some loser in new jersey checking my facebook, realising we arent friends anymore, but we never were friends.  so trust me it was long overdue.

hopefully she was worth it asshole, i know that the boy i’m with sure was.


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